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Returning to the ring after a 10 year hiatus, legendary British Rap Metal band ONE MINUTE SILENCE will release their highly anticipated new EP “Fragmented Armageddon” on 17 June.

Consisting of three brand new tracks, an acoustic rendition and two remixes, “Fragmented Armageddon” serves as an exciting taster of the impending musical onslaught that Yap, Massy, Glen and new drummer Martin Davies are creating. 
The recording of the EP was made possible by the unending support of OMS fans through Pledge Music.
The hiatus saw the band’s members explore many musical styles in various projects, ranging from folk to electronica and jazz to beat poetry, and they have been inspired by a wealth of new influences along the way. Bringing their fresh ideas and new perspectives together, they have created the next generation ONE MINUTE SILENCE that is still fuelled by the raging fire for which they are famous.
Vocalist Yap explains: “Initially I wasn’t sure if the energy and punch that we had would still be there but when we got in the rehearsal room together there was no denying it – in fact it’s stronger than it ever was”.

Track listing:

1 - Fruit from the Lie
2 - Pandemic Schizophrenia
3 - You So Much as Move
4 - Fruit from the Lie (Ben Hurd remix)
5 - You So Much As Move (Massimo Fiocco remix)
6 – Early Morning (acoustic)

ONE MINUTE SILENCE have written 10 new tracks towards a new album which they hope to record this year for release in 2014, with live dates to follow. Many remember OMS for their intense live shows, which earned them the title ‘Best Live Band’ at the 2000 Kerrang! Awards, and soon the wait will be over to witness it again.


fragmented armageddon
  • 01 Fruit From The Lie
  • 02 Pandemic Schizophrenia
  • 03 You So Much As Move
  • 04 Fruit From The Lie (Ben Hurd Remix)
  • 05 You So Much As Move (Massimo Fiocco Remix)
  • 06 Early Morning (Acoustic)

one lie fits all
  • 01 Fistful Of Nothing
  • 02 Revolution
  • 03 I Wear My Skin
  • 04 The Way Back
  • 05 We Bounce
  • 06 You So Much As Move
  • 07 Price Of The Kings Ticket
  • 08 Into Our Own
  • 09 A Song About
  • 10 The Hill Is A Hole
  • 11 Representing The Poor Man

buy now... saved later
  • 01 Rise and Shine
  • 02 1845
  • 03 Holy Man
  • 04 It's Just a Ride
  • 05 Food for the Brain
  • 06 Fish out of Water
  • 07 Roof of the World
  • 08 16 Stone Pig
  • 09 210 Dog Years
  • 10 If I Can Change
  • 11 A Spoonful of Sugar
  • 12 On Deaf Ears
  • 13 A Day in the Light of
  • 14 14 Years*
  • 15 I Feel Nothing*

available in all colours
  • 01 New Dogs New Tricks Ltd
  • 02 South Central
  • 03 Stuck Between A Rock And A White Face
  • 04 A More Violent Approach
  • 05 Norfuckinmality
  • 06 For Want Of A Better World
  • 07 I Think Therefore I'm Damned
  • 08 Remain Calm
  • 09 Available In All Colours
  • 10 Brainspiller
  • 11 A Waste Of Things To Come
  • 12 And Some Ya Lose
  • 13 Pig Until Proven Cop
  • 14 Half Empty*
  • 15 Yank My Doodle Dandy*

  • 01 Rockstars
  • 02 Calling Time
  • 03 End Times

zombie god delicious
  • 01 Universe On Tap
  • 02 Pink Punk Presents
  • 03 Catalogue Democracy
  • 04 Old Enough to Die Old Enough to Listen
  • 05 Advertising (feat. Bill Hicks)
  • 06 Down a Hole With Alice
  • 07 Lollipops
  • 08 Press the Panic Buttons
  • 09 Rockstars
  • 10 Calling Time
  • 11 Freedom
  • 12 Outer Space
  • 13 Zombie God Delicious

  • 01 Yapolitical
  • 02 Controversy
  • 03 One More for the Road

  • 01 Hope
  • 02 Yapolitical
  • 03 Controversy
  • 04 Tick-Tock Living
  • 05 Thrill or Be Killed
  • 06 Cockmonsters
  • 07 Down We Go
  • 08 Dawn Cracks
  • 09 Porn Beat
  • 10 America
  • 11 Monkey TV
  • 12 Bad Apples
  • 13 One More for the Road
  • 14 Do the Right Thing

The Image Of My Truth
  • 01 Same World
  • 02 Early Morning
  • 03 Shadows Recall
  • 04 Escaping Time
  • 05 Strangers
  • 06 Prison Cell

Fragmented Armageddon

New Dogs New Tricks Ltd
Release: 2013



  • Fruit from the Lie
  • Pandemic Schizophrenia


  • The Ontological Root Cause of Schizophrenia

Truly truly mesmerizing, truly fuckin mesmerizing, there I was on a beach, near a tree, at a sea shore.

I mean truly truly mesmerizing, swallowed up in gods horizon, pulled out my heart, put it in a box, then walked through autumns door.

In my mind - fruit from the lie. In my time - fruit from the vine.

Truly truly mesmerizing. Truly fuckin mesmerizing, a fly on a wall telling me that it sees, that it hears nothing.

I mean truly truly mesmerizing, drank the water, drank the poison, sat back, fell through a tree, then walked through the floor.

In my mind - fruit from the lie. In my time - fruit from the vine.

Like the prophets I have come forward in my field, to field the feel of process, to steal the field of protest, to nail the head home until the head bleeds, until the head weeps, from the centre of the seed, house from the bottom, apotheosis, nailing the whole bed down.

Nailing the whole bed round, circling the farmers, pulling the whole world down into a square, right there, right there, ALLLLLLL GONNA confide, all gonna comply, allllll gonna comply, comply, comply.

Truly truly mesmerizing, watching outer worlds dividing, watching inner worlds become one with the soul.

You and I and almost smiling, oh to be the one who finds it, out there on the it of a branch in this world all alone.

In my mind - fruit from the lie. in my time - fruit from the vine.


End - to field the feel of process - process - to natil the head home until the head bleeds.

To steal the field of protest - protest - to nail the head home, nail the head home

I thought Id found a corner, a corner in my head
to think Id find a place of peace
in pieces i was led
i thought id find an answer
an answer we could wed
a thing inside a box outside a box inside a head
i thought id heard my sister drowning in her bed
an hour away from growing cold
a second into red
and yes i feel like no one listens but the truth speaks for itself
hold on, breathe in, falling........

So far so good, so good so far, so here we go again
a pen to write the world a song
a song to kill a friend
all these bits that paint the picture
such a picture perfect blend
never stops, never stops, never fuckin' ends

We are broad casting on all frequencies
We are broad casting on all frequencies

Pandemic schizophrenia
Pandemic schizophrenia
In light of what, a rotten god
a dog without its teeth
a pill to take my ills away
the will to find my feet
all these bits that paint it simple
like there's love on every street
hold on, breathe in, falling............

pandemic schizophrenia!!!!

(end lyric)
You can expect pandemonium 
you can expect pandemonium
you can expect
you can expect
man I don't know how to say this
you can expect global meltdown
you can expect global meltdown
watch the skies come down
watch the skies come down
you can expect more lies, you know you can expect more lies
you can expect more dying
more babies crying
you can expect more 
you can expect more war
you know you can expect more war
you can expect more walk outs
more black outs
more of the same only twice as loud and tens times dirtier
you can expect more
you can expect more

In 4,5,3,2 - incoming - incoming
In 4, 5, 3, 2, walk away now while you still can.

To understand schizophrenia in the fullest sense one has to travel back along an evolutionary line. One has to climb over higher walls to see further. Essentially one has to discern the ontological channel consciousness came up out of so to speak if one is to truly see the global picture. Ultimately one has to chase the genealogy of the human psyche along an axiomatic path, from fish through to monkey through to solipsistic man through to “Unified-Transcendental-Man”, to understand how the mind is split from its own inner reality.

Now I am not expecting anyone to bite down on what I say just because of the following fact, but my autistic mind allows me to see reality through a different channel than most. In a manner I thrive in a complex conceptual 6 dimensional broken abstract network. I see the world around me through a systemized lens, which allows me to read life through an axiomatic network. And whether people are ready to hear it or not, the network indicates that the entire species is technically out of synch with the ontological agency that holds the order of all life to a meta-symmetrical-fluency, thus the majority are off kilter with reality, making them all by definition of degrees, schizophrenic.

The human mind is still in its early embryonic state of development and so relative to environment and mind/body circumstances the entire species has an un-wired predisposition for schizophrenia. In some individuals in can manifest in the most extreme ways, but for most it can just mean a lifetime of neurotic behavioural patterns. Adults in a moment of madness can scar a child for life. Others can lose it for a moment and beat their partners face to a pulp. While others forget their humanity to a degree where they lose themselves in a lie worth cancer. Politicians complicit in war crimes are a veritable example. And schizophrenia like I said has its softer sides too. Think about the millions of people who keep their minds turned the other way every single second of their working lives, so as to keep their master happy.

There are a billion billon examples we can all think with if we consider all the twisted variables that have carried our species in the psychologically sense through the ages. Think about the millions of women who were ridiculed for speaking the truth about female oppression. Think about the kind of broken mind-set that ridiculed them. What planet were they on? What field were they in? How were they plugged in? What existential god statements were they bound by? Or think about all the men and women who spat on people of a different colour or nationality? Sisters mentally split form the subjectivity of their Sisters. Brothers subjectively split from the subjectivity of their Brothers. Think about how the mind was set? What reality was it set in? Where was it plugged in?

Consider mental displacement, because in reality that is what we are talking about. Schizophrenia is all about variations of mental displacement. How many individuals are mentally displaced from reality? Schizophrenia is a global evolutionary species problem. We have passed down through the ages through a cosmic Chinese whisper, if you will. We have completely lost sight of our true nature, and as a result our societies have grown up out of the belly of a heavy blind sickness. Understanding schizophrenia demands that the mind sees all that I am saying here for all its angles. Schizophrenia in a nutshell is at the core of our up side down historical blindness, on every front.

Understanding the human mind for its meta-subjective-composite-order is the answer to understanding the root cause of our global collective head problem. Schizophrenia has to be considered in regards the collective universal head, as opposed to us trying to understand the problem by observing set number of cases in set numbers of people. At the end of the long day every single human being is cognizing the world through skewed channels. We all have a mind-set, set to a certain order, but not one individual can claim truth by isolating the set that drives them along epistemic lines. Meaning no one is rooted by definition, making all by degree, as I have already stated, schizophrenic.

I am talking about ontological schizophrenia. We are a species out of sync with its own meta-innate order simply because we are still in a primitive state of evolution. Our global mind has a long way to go before it catches up on its own shape. As fish we crawled out of the water and arrived in a space/time vacuum, thus we evolved around the set of a dualistic state. This naturally became our first state paradigm, and from within the constructs of its space/time shape, god and ego were borne. Consider the myriad of threads we can contextualize of given just these two variables, god and ego, and you’ll see the historical tapestry.

In truth schizophrenia is nothing more than the inevitable downside of a thing trying to evolve around its own order in light of its dualistic passage through zero. One has to rise up out of darkness and pass through the void to reach its own end. That’s the order of all things as they modify and evolve. One has to walk out of darkness along an autistic path to reach the light. Point being, schizophrenia is an evolutionary spectrum that can be cognitively made to fit our entire species by varying degrees, as it moves from its cellular/fish/monkey animalistic state and into a transcendental clear.

The following is a quick historical sound bite just to catch the flow. - The animal man is born. Unaware of its first source it looks to the wall in front of it and trusts to ego to get over it. Ego becomes the order. A barley semi-conscious embryonic being scattered in an existential storm. We looked to the skies for answers and listened to unreasoned arguments. Blind men begin to walk the talk of God. Thunder God is gospel. Disciples of ignorance march around imposing their ignorant schizoid delusional ways. Mental displacement creates millennia of imbalance. Subjective imbalance begets subjective imbalance. We fall into a long historical stay of neurotic break down. Territorial disputes for bananas eventually become class war. Distorted monkey ideologies. Pseudo intellectualism, the ultimate rot. In a nutshell, the human mind in all macro aspects of human history thus far has been split form its own innate bed, leaving reason in the shadows waiting to blossom.

The world is blind. Schizophrenia in context of ontology is a world divided along subjective order. It is a world of delusions fabricated along illusionary lines. The root cause of exploitation is schizophrenia. The root case of the caste system is schizophrenia. In-fact every negative human situation caused by another human being can be traced to the same broken source. Every single problem we have suffered as a unit has been the direct result of a negative mindset. Meaning schizophrenia is at the source of everything that creates imbalance for our natural sensitive neurosis field.

I am more than just a man lost in abstract if you really get your head into the text of what I am trying to relay. I am a broken abstract bridge out of this primitive dualistic paradigm. I am already in the autistic channel reordering my head. If you would like to know more please get in touch as I would love to come and share a million more points that hold my theory to ground.

On one more note. My language is elaborate. I hop around on great big tangents. I leave much unsaid. Many gaps left to fill in, I appreciate all that. The thing is all I can really do is leave impressions. There is no one way to take you into the system that holds the collective consciousness to a unifying order because the system I operate around is not fully developed yet. All I have is broken abstract ideas. It’s like I have a quarter of the alphabet and I don’t know how to relate the full story for its complex. Anyhow, out of madness………



“The group have retained all the fire that started them and all the ingenuity that kept them interesting. There hasn’t been someone doing what they do for some time. We just had to hear them scream at us to wake up and realize it.”
9/10 Metalmouth

“Yap’s voice remains caught between panic and mania, though his singing is more forceful now over the band’s Prog swells and bursts of power.”
KKK Kerrang!

“A very strong return from the OMS guys…the band will definitely keep their old fans happy and will probably entice more fans in at the same time.” 
8/10 Bring The Noise

“A great return from One Minute Silence which shows them to be as strong and creative as ever. It is also a rich tease for their future album and following stage return. World be warned the impacting storm has not lost its bite.”
8/10 Ringmaster Reviews

“Fragmented Armageddon shows a multitude of sides from a band that are coming back and when they return are going to make one hell of an impact.”
5/5 Vents Magazine



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